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Grasshopper Bar

September 7, 2011


After reading tweets about their troubles with low-light photography, I decided to meet up with the lovely Spotted Puffer, Miss Piggy for a sesh of food & photos. After swapping many emails back & forth, we decided upon Grasshopper Bar as our perfect low-light locale. (ps… as a side note, how awesome is it that we actually had trouble deciding which of the many small bars in the Sydney CBD to go to! Love it!)

Grasshopper Bar is a seriously cute place that’s hidden down Temperance lane. If you haven’t been there before, the lane is off George St (look for an RM Williams store) – and the entrance is next to a wool & knitting store.

Downstairs is a small bar where the cocktails have numbers not names, and are served in jars (my favourite is the one that comes in the teddy bear jar!). Upstairs is a lovely room filled with little wooden tables and chairs, a giant blackboard with specials written on it in chalk, and an open kitchen.

Grasshopper Bar

After securing ourselves a cosy little table in the corner, we bring out our cameras… much to the amusement of our waiter. He smiles and asks us if we’re in a photography club, and asks our opinions on a good beginner camera to get hehe.

Now to decide what to order! The menu is sweet and brief, with a page dedicated to shared plates and a page of mains. The shared plates range from $9-$20, and the mains around $30. We decide to go with some share plates so we have the chance to taste more things! (of course). We decide to go with 5 shared plates, and a side between the 3 of us.

Grasshopper Bar

First up is the Duck Terrine with Onion Confit ($19.00) – which is deliciously savoury with chunks of duck meat and fat. After watching the Maggie Beer challenge on Masterchef I have a new respect for these things!! The Onion Confit is sweet and makes a lovely contrast. The sourdough that’s included is nice and crispy, but I felt like the char lines were a bit too strong – giving the bread a bitter burnt flavour that overpowered everything else. In the end, we decide the terrine and onion confit are best enjoyed together alone.

Grasshopper Bar

Next up is the Crisp Chicken, Roast Garlic And Tarragon ($15.00). I know it’s probably pretty hard to mess up fried chicken, but these are awesome! Rather like grown-up fancy chicken chippies. The tarragon sauce is delicious too.

Grasshopper Bar

Roast Scallops with Jerusalem Artichokes ($19.00) is probably my favourite dish of the night. The scallops are so beautiful to look at, translucent and with the hint of crispy crust. They’re so fresh and sweet, and the sauce they’re sitting on is buttery and rich – and wiped clean with our spare sourdough bread! I’ve never had Jerusalem Artichoke before, and was surprised to see it here as a purée – but it tastes lovely, like a kind of earthy, smooth potato purée.

Grasshopper Bar
I absolutely love the pretty oval plates here!

Grasshopper Bar

Our Char-grilled Broccolini ($10) is deliciously smoky from the char, and draped in a buttery sauce. This time I don’t find the char lines so overpowering as opposed to the sourdough from before.

Grasshopper Bar

Octopus, Prosciutto and Saffron ($19.00) was such a beautiful plate! So many great textures and colours. And look at that perfectly cooked quail egg. But I found the taste a little bit disappointing… it was so salty! Which is a shame because the thinly shaved octopus had a great gentle flavour when I picked a piece out to eat alone.

Grasshopper Bar

Lastly was the Smoked Salmon and Green Peppercorn Pate ($14.00). Smoked salmon is always a winner with me! And the crispy bread made a really satisfying shattering noise when you bit into it.

Overall I really enjoyed the food at Grasshopper, and loved the friendly atmosphere. But I have to admit that we were still a little hungry after our share plates… I think there was a little less food than we 3 little piggies expected for the price. Next time I visit I’d like to try the mains (and a few cocktails downstairs while I’m at it!!)

Grasshopper Bar

Such a cute business card…!

Grasshopper Bar
1 Temperance Lane (off George St, next to RM Williams)
Sydney NSW 2000
ph: (02) 9947 9025

Monday – Friday 12PM – 12AM
Reservations recommended for Lunch and Dinner

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  1. September 8, 2011 9:11 am

    Great photos! Scallops and terrine… mmmm!

  2. September 8, 2011 1:27 pm

    Wasn’t this a great place – I loved the “old school English vibe” they had going on with the decor…and the food was lovely – just wanted more of it (they don’t call me Miss Piggy for nothing you know)! And this for the photography tips..


  1. Low Light Photography tips « crunchytiger

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