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January 7, 2011

Whoah. How did it get to be January already? I feel like the world’s been going full tilt for the past month and only now can I catch my breath.

So let’s forget the fact that we’re already at the end of the first week in 2011. Some of us are still in denial.

Mr Sparkles
Mr Sparkles!

This is not my house, though a part of me wishes it was.

I made white wine, garlic and chilli mussels for Christmas lunch!

Dad dismembered the turkey before anyone took a photo of it haha oh no!

Required Christmas day viewing

Mizu doesn’t understand what the kerfuffle is about. But she enjoys sitting under the Christmas tree.

Fruit pies by Beanie for our Christmas picnic

New Year's Eve 2010

Hope your holidays were great and full of noms!

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