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Christmas Baking! Gingerbread

December 13, 2010

Part two of our baking frenzy. GINGERBREADMANIAAA…

Before I start, let me post this because it’s too good not to share. I’d like you to meet Koko, Beanie’s Cavalier King Charles…

This is how she looks at you when she realises that there are people are in the kitchen, and that these people are instrumental to the nomming of delicious kangaroo-chips.


While I was taking care of the Zimtsterne, Beanie took care of the gingerbread. Which started off with butter.

Lots and lots of delicious butter…

To which she added many other delicious things…

Seriously, a part of me kind of wanted to eat this with a spoon.

Sifting spices

Why is gingerbread dough so much more delicious than other raw dough






But of course the most fun (besides eating them) is decorating!


In this photo you can see emo-gingerbread-boy front and centre, surrounded by hula girls and french maids (geez. cheer up emo kid)

In here you can spot a vampire (the proper caped-and-decidedly-non-sparkly-kind, thanks very much), monopoly man, frankenstein, farmer and…. *cough* woman of negotiable affection.

builder, santa claus, clown, millionaire, salaryman, stepford wife, another emo kid

The opportunities were endless!

The workbench!

I wrapped some up to give as presents. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to make some more closer to Christmas.

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  1. December 13, 2010 9:54 pm

    Koko is busu kawaii 0_0 but omg so much gingerbreaddd!!! I wannttttttt

    • December 14, 2010 6:42 pm

      I should have made a gingerbread koko! Next time…

  2. December 13, 2010 11:39 pm

    OMG you’re a machine cooking so many ginger bread men. very cute dog but it’s looking a little freaked out to me with those eyes 🙂 you should take some video!

    • December 14, 2010 6:41 pm

      Yeah for some reason we decided it’d be a good idea to double BOTH recipes…. hahahahhhhh yeah. Well, you can see how that worked out.

  3. December 14, 2010 8:33 am

    this is really shameful, but I’ve never made gingerbread..

    • December 14, 2010 6:41 pm

      You should try it!! the best thing about it is that it’s almost impossible to mess up! (plus the dough tastes delicious raw <_<)

  4. December 14, 2010 9:26 am

    Hey Melissa,
    Great to meet you at the picnic on Saturday! Love the gingerbread men – they are so much fun to make at Christmas! and that dog – adorable! Cheers, G

    • December 14, 2010 6:43 pm

      Hi Georgia!! Lovely meeting you on Saturday 🙂 Look forward to checking out your blog!

  5. December 14, 2010 11:56 am

    Omg! that is so many cookies! great meeting you on saturday~ you might of forgotten who i am haha

    • December 14, 2010 6:44 pm

      Helloo! I remember! I especially remember that I found your blog name ultra cute 🙂

  6. December 14, 2010 1:40 pm

    Looks absolutely fantastic! So pretty!

  7. December 14, 2010 8:43 pm

    You have such great piping technique, I’m impressed! I’m too lazy to ice my gingerbread, its flavour has to speak for itself! He he!

    • December 14, 2010 8:53 pm

      Well we became friends after meeting in art school HAHA… maybe that helped >_>

      Actually I think it was having Ace of Cakes on the tv in the background… motivation!!

  8. December 22, 2010 2:33 pm

    I”ve given up trying to bake cookies in Aussie summer, but you did a great job with these! Happy Holidays from the Winter Wonderland!

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