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Pinchy – a story of two meals – Part 2

October 31, 2010

In the time that’s elapsed between my Pinchy Part 1 blog post and now, I’ve realised the irony of calling a rock lobster, Pinchy….

Anyway, after enjoying his delicious innards – I saved Pinchy’s shell to make lobster stock… and therefore LOBSTER RISOTTO!

Pinchy v02
Risotto Pinchy

I just boiled the broken up pieces of shell in some salted water to begin with.

Pinchy v02

In retrospect I think I should have added some vegies to the stock. I remembered a bit too late and managed to add in some carrots (that’s all we had in the fridge!). In the end, I added a cup of boxed chicken stock to the mix too because there wasn’t quite enough liquid for my recipe.

I’ve never made risotto before (I’m a cooking newbie!) – so I just followed the instructions on the back of the arborio rice packet.

Pinchy v02
Sautéing the onions

Pinchy v02
Putting them aside

Pinchy v02
Toasting the rice

Pinchy v02

Pinchy v02

Adding the white wine (yum!), and then the stock, a cup at a time

Pinchy v02
Rice getting all plump!

At this point I was getting a little worried – as it was past the 20mins cooking time written on the packet, and the rice was still hard on the inside, and not creamy on the outside. And so I did a bad thing and added an extra cup of water. I did a quick google – and apparently I’m meant to massage the rice with your spoon to release the starches! As soon as I did this, it started to get creamy almost immediately! Thanks to the extra water and extended cooking time, it ended up being a bit softer than al dente though – whoops. Still tasted good though.

It definitely had a nice lobster-y flavour – but I have to admit anything with white wine and butter has got to taste pretty good already. I just added some chopped parsley to stir through, and some shaved grana padano on top! (as a side note: the tv show Cheese Slices has given me such an appreciation for Parmesan cheese now!)

Thank you Pinchy – you were delicious!

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