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Last Breakfast at Fix St James

March 26, 2010

Last Breakfast at Fix St James
Smoked Ham Hock, Organic Soft Egg, Cavolo Nero and Mustard Sauce

I love breakfast! Why on earth would you skip it? It’s the best part of getting up! So when my friend Stevo told me that Fix St James were discontinuing their breakfast menu in a week’s time, I knew we had to jump at the chance to try it before it was gone!

If you’re a foodie and you’re on twitter, you’ll probably be familiar with owner of Fix St James, Stuart Knox and his tweets (@fixstjames). I really enjoy the 140 character insights into what goes on behind the scenes (“Just performed the Heimlich manouver on a guest. Now need a drink!”). So I have to admit I was pretty curious to eat somewhere I’d heard so much about.

We got there at 7:30am, pretty early… in fact, the friendly waiter was a bit taken aback when we asked for 3 seats. Sydneysiders aren’t early risers I suppose. I know I wouldn’t voluntarily be in the city at 7:30 if it weren’t for the prospect of delicious meal. Stevo had shown us a menu the night before, and the list was pretty exciting and different from a traditional breakfast menu.

Last Breakfast at Fix St James
Breakfast Menu at Fix St James. Oops, depth of field, you may have to zoom in to make out the choices

I loved that the water was served with giant conical flasks, and also loved the gentle egg shape of the Riedel tumblers. Nice touches! It’s kind of nice to see a restaurant with a sense of humour.

Last Breakfast at Fix St James

Last Breakfast at Fix St James
Panini with Pino’s Proscuitto, Buffalo Mozzarella and Oxheart Tomato.

Everything was delicious! My Panini was nice and crunchy, filled with soft and milky buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and proscuitto.

I know Stevo was delighted with his platter of breakfast meats –

Last Breakfast at Fix St James
Breakfast Salami – Pino’s Prosciutto, Bresaola & Salami, Eggs with Toast Soldiers

Definitely an impressive spread – and more meat than I’d usually eat at breakfast! There was much more than what was listed in the menu. As well as the prosciutto, bresaola and salami, there were also a few slices of mortadella, cheddar, and leg ham in there too (can you tell the deli section is my favourite section of the supermarket).

Last Breakfast at Fix St James
My favourite way to eat prosciutto! Wrapped around a bit of grissini

Unfortunately, the eggs were a bit overdone – no gooey yolk. More suited to eat with a spoon than with your toast soldiers. But honestly that was the only disappointment in a very lovely plate!

But the highlight was definitely the smoked ham hock! Wow. Softly shredded ham, covered in a slightly tangy mustard sauce, wilted cavolo nero (a dark green leafy type of kale/cabbage), a bit of dill and the best part….. PERFECTLY cooked gooey eggs. Honestly, if I could only eat one type of breakfast again…. alright, I would probably end up with really high blood pressure and possibly a cholesterol problem, but damn, it’d be worth it.

Last Breakfast at Fix St James
Smoked ham hock. YUM

To finish it off, Stevo ordered “The Fix” Iced Coffee – served up as an espresso granita, with a quenelle of hazelnut marscapone. Looks pretty, but definitely packed a punch.

Last Breakfast at Fix St James
The Fix – espresso granita

Altogether an extremely agreeable start to the day. I’m only sad we didn’t find out about it sooner. Never mind… having had such a great experience, I’m sure we’ll be back to try dinner sometime soon!

Last Breakfast at Fix St James
Fix St James

Fix St James
111 Elizabeth Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

ph: (02) 9232 2767

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